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More Than Just an Animal Shelter

A to Z Menagerie is a seven-acre animal sanctuary located in rural Hillsborough County, Florida. The grounds are divided into refuges dedicated to different animal species. We house abandoned horses and other large grazing animals in our five primary pastures. Farm animals such as chickens and roosters, rabbits, and ducks are secure in coops within one of our paddocks. Wildlife—hawks, owls, raccoons, bobcats, and the like—enjoy large “flight” cages close to the neighboring environmental conservation land where they will eventually be released. Domestics and exotics enjoy the safety of the house until they are hopefully placed into “forever homes”.

Once rescued, our animals have sanctuary. And even though we rescue raptors and other carnivores, none of our rescued friends—whether rabbit, rat, or bird—ever become food. We purchase farm-raised, humanely euthanized food for our predators. On those occasions when one of our residents passes on, he is buried in one of our memorial gardens with a permanent marker for remembrance.

Our sanctuary is privately owned by our organization's president, and lovingly dedicated to the needs of it's residents. Other than the kind donations of our sponsors, all funding for this sanctuary comes from it's volunteers. All food, caging, and vet care is paid out of the wages of it's volunteers from their outside careers. We desperately need your help. Every donated dollar goes to the care of the residents and the more we receive, the more lives we can affect. We have the acreage to add more flight cages, more coops, but need assistance in the construction. Donations of towels, food, and construction supplies can be arranged by contacting us by email. Financial donations will go directly to the care of our residents and can be easily made at our “how you can help” page. Please help today. A to Z Menagerie's animals can and will thrive, in spite of the setbacks they have faced. Please donate today.